American Flags

American flags have become synonymous with the themes that the United States stands for: patriotism; faith and strength get more info. If you drive down any street, you’ll see houses, businesses, offices, stadiums, etc. that have displayed American flags to represent the country they reside in. You can fly and own an American flag outside of your house. But how do you choose what type to buy?

One thing is consistent: the flag design. This consists of 50 white stars in a blue square and a background with a red and yellow stripe. The 50 stars stand for each state of the United States. The first decision you will need to make when buying an American flag is what type of material the flag will be made of. Two main choices are nylon and cloth. You will notice that cloth flags wear more quickly than nylon or a blend flag. If your flag is in harsh climates and weather, nylon might be the best choice.

Next, you need to decide how big your flag should be. It’s fine to hang your flag at home, but it might be better to hang one at work. You will notice a smaller flag once it has flown. Flags are generally between 2 and 3 feet in size, but can go up to 8 feet or 12 feet in length. So make sure you’re informed. Depending on how large your flag is, you need to decide how to hang it. There are many options. You could pin it to a building or fly it from an already-placed flagpole. Or you could hang it from the sideline of a stadium.

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