Astrology and Medical Use: Transform your life!

Vedic Astrology – a science deeply rooted in India that has been used for centuries to improve all aspects of the human experience – is one example. Medical science is another good example, click here.

Medical astrology is a great way to find out about your current and future health concerns.

The medical astrology form is an astrology which helps people who have not recovered from their worst treatments.

Medical Astrology can help us make easy predictions as to when someone is likely to be injured.

Yogas, when viewed in the context of Indian Astrology can have a significant impact on an individual’s wellbeing. Certain yogas are considered auspicious, while others might not be. A person’s health can be at risk due to inefficient yogas and unlucky transits of planets. It is vital to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent health problems.

There is also a link between the nine planets and an individual’s general health.

Insufficient Sun strength can cause headaches and other health problems. Moons can make you irritable, or even calm down. Mars may also bring up accidents or surgeries. Mercury is key. There may be problems with the skin, voice and neck.

Saturn, on the other hand, is believed to be most closely linked with long-term dental and health issues.

Every house is associated with a certain body part and a disorder.

The first house is a symbol of longevity and good health. Second house represents the throat, right eye and neck. However, overall health is also represented. The ears, shoulders, and arms are all associated with the third house.

Remedies of Medicinal Astrology

Medical Astrology remedies are often aimed at pleasing one particular God, Goddess, or planet. It is possible to use a remedy to lessen the adverse effects caused by a transit, yoga or other astrological phenomena.

Mantras are also an alternative to medical astrology. The aura can be healed by using a gemstone. Fill it with the color of your choice. The aura will be healed.

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