Astrology & Gemstone Therapy

You’ve just had your horoscope done and now you need to deal with the information provided by the astrologer. There are strengths and there are also weaknesses. What can be done, more info? Is it possible to overcome weaknesses or increase strengths? The wearing of untreated, natural gemstones is one of the easiest ways Vedic Astrologers to see visible results in a short amount of time.

Gem therapy, also called planetary or gemology, has roots in ancient Indian, Greek, Egyptian and Jewish cultures. Gems could be worn by both men or women to express their poteniaes, not for their monetary value. The crowns and other areas of the body that a Queen or King wore would have gemstones. This was to help expand their authority throughout their kingdoms. While the gemstones worn by royalty were enormous and of the most powerful quality, they are still widely used today by the common people for their numerous benefits.

The Indian scriptures known simply as “Vedas,” contain the most thorough descriptions and scientific knowledge as well as practical knowledge of gemstones. These Sanskrit texts, which are sacred in Sanskrit, provide detailed information on the potencies of various gems and their prescriptions for correct medical and spiritual use. Gems have been used to influence subtle forces of the natural world in ancient Vedic cultures and other advanced cultures. The unique properties of gemstones have been also recognised in modern technology, such timepieces made from quartz crystals or supercomputers using diamonds. Vedic Gem Therapy has been utilized by over one billion people today to improve their lives, whether they are physically, mentally, or spiritually. This “new age” idea is found only in the West. In reality, very little textual knowledge exists from the ancient cultures of western countries about the science. This science has been used in many countries of the east for thousands upon thousands of years.

Vedic astrology’s ancient system of Vedic gemology (or planetary gemology) is used to prescribe gems. It relies on the fixed positions, or sidereal zodiac, of stars and constellations. This system is precise in determining strengths and weaknesses as it also determines the direction of one’s destiny. The position of the planets around the time of our birth reflects the karma that our past actions and experience in previous incarnations have brought with them into this lifetime. They are the multi-faceted energies of our universe. Each one controls a different kind of cosmic energy which is transmitted throughout the entire solar system. These energy transmissions have been responsible for the formations of life and our bodies. The planets that orbit the sun receive and emit specific wavelengths, which help maintain the order in the solar system. These energies transmit as light.

Vedic astrology also goes by another name, “jyotish”, the “science to light”. The seven planets Sun, Moon and Mars emit seven basic cosmic rays. Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter and Venus are also involved. Rahu’s north and southern nodes (or Ketu) emit two invisible radiations (ultraviolet/infrared). The signs of each zodiac as well as the different houses within the astrological calendar represent the different fields the planetary energies work in. This allows us to know how these energies will affect our lives and allow us to “read”, what this will mean for us in this life. In the same way that the nature of a tree is able to be read from the seed from which it is grown, we can also understand the quality and timing of this birth. This is how our lives will unfold. The planets can show us our inherent strengths and weaknesses, but also indicate our success or hinderance in certain areas.

Vedic astrology can be combined with a variety of remedial methods that allow one to raise the energies vibrations from specific planets to balance one’s life and bring harmony. They are twofold. One uses sound vibrations to increase specific wavelengths in light. That is how gemstone therapy works.

Different gemstones take their potencies directly from different planets. The result is that they have different effects. These gemstones, depending upon the stone, transmit electromagnetic energy to different planets. This can have different effects for the wearer. They do this by reflecting light frequencies and absorption. The body’s electromagnetic radiation reacts with the energy emanating from the gem to produce specific effects. It is important to carefully analyze your astrological Horoscope (sidereal Zodiac, equal house system only) and determine which gems you should use.

If the practitioner doesn’t have enough experience and education in this field, placing gem crystals randomly all over the body could be extremely dangerous. Gem crystals are powerful. While they can enforce the electromagnetic fields of the body with positive results, they can also have the opposite effect. This can cause physical and psychological debilitations, so be careful with the choice of gemstones. An incorrect use can lead to disturbances at both the physical and astral levels. Correctly used, they can add more power and lift to our lives.

After performing a thorough analysis of Vedic horoscope, an experienced and qualified Astrologer or Planetary Gemologist has done so, they will most likely recommend a gemstone for you to wear throughout your life. The chosen stone/s might then be set in a necklace or ring to make contact with the skin. This allows them best to transmit frequencies of light, also known as electromagnetic energy, to our cells. This happens at the cellular level through electrolytes, ions, and the body. The chakra system of our ethereal bodies is able to absorb the cosmic colors of gems on a subtle level. Because there are many physical and spiritual nerve centers in the fingers, they make the most suitable places for gems to be worn. We’ve seen incredible results in peoples’ lives with gemstone therapy. The end result is greater energy and strength in combating negative karmic influence and more positive ones.

Attention: Gems must be naturally occurring and not synthesized in order to be useful. Gems also cannot be subject to heat or radiation to alter their appearance. This is often done on gems used in the commercial jewelry trade. You should ensure that the source you are purchasing gems from is untreated. If a customer asks, it is not considered deceptive to tell the customer that the gemstone has been enhanced. The gem- and jewelry trade has used heat treatment to enhance the beauty of gemstones for a long time. Sometimes, clients have asked us to explain that their expensive gem does not transmit the planetary/cosmic energies. We also have used it as a weaker method of color therapy. The modern science of colortherapy was developed from the ancient science known as gemstone therapy. It does not take much to get a gemstone that has the desired effect. Its power will never decline, so you can have the gem working in your favor for your entire life.

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