Carpet Cleaning Calendar – Timing Is Everything

What a joy to walk on a fresh carpet! Like slipping in a new bed or savoring your morning coffee, it’s an amazing feeling. What is the best way to maintain our carpets and how frequently should they be cleaned? Carpet cleaning gordon’s wisdom and common sense will help us unravel the mystery of the carpet-cleaning timeline. More info?

1. It is a good idea to follow the General Rule.

One deep carpet cleaning per year is sufficient for the average family without excessive foot traffic, pets or unplanned accidents. If you vacuum regularly, any dirt and dust that accumulates will not be able to settle.

2. Amp it up! Then Amp It Up!

While children are wonderful and fun, they can also get messy. Consider deep-cleaning your carpet once every six to twelve months. This will help you avoid messes from juice spills and art projects that go wrong.

3. All Pet Owners, Please Take Note

The carpeting in your home should be professionally cleaned three to four times a yearly.

4. High traffic areas

Every 3 to 6-months you should clean the zones of your house where people are always walking. This includes hallways. These areas will look spick and span, as well as extend their carpet life.

5. Special Circumstances

Life throws you some curveballs. You shouldn’t hesitate to call in professionals if you’ve had a major spill or accident. You should call the professionals immediately to minimize any damage.

6. Allergy and Asthma: A Guide for the Allergic Person

As the carpet cleaning process eliminates allergens, it can prove to be beneficial for allergy sufferers. If you have someone at home who has allergies, seasonal carpet cleaning could alleviate symptoms.

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