Create Havens Of Reform: Modular Prison Cells As Sanctuaries Of Well-being

While comfort and wellbeing are not the first thoughts that come to mind, they should be check that. Hold on to your hats – modular jail cells will turn that notion upside down. These innovative prison cells were created with compassion in mind, to help foster a feeling that normalcy is possible and mental comfort for those within.

Here’s a peek at the world of modules cells. These cells are similar to those Japanese capsules, but with an added rehabilitation element. These cells feature ergonomic bedding that can transform a pile or hay into stone. Walls are also painted with colors that are not “drab” and the lighting actually tells you whether it is night or day.

It’s about creating an atmosphere that recognizes that inmates are people too. These cells are designed thoughtfully to reduce the stress of being incarcerated. As they say, good design is often invisible. Here, it is the invisible care taken to ensure inmate safety.

The modular cells themselves are eco-systems, not rooms. These modular cells breathe almost literally with ventilation systems which keep the fresh air of a spring morning. The inmates are able to take control of their own small world. They can adjust the environment within permitted limits. It’s a tiny taste of autonomy that reminds you of the outside world.

In these cells, it isn’t only about keeping inmates in. It’s also about the things that are being cultivated within them. Books, art, and contemplation are all important for a growing future. Technological tools have brought educational programs into the 21st century, which would have delighted sci-fi writers from decades ago.

Let’s discuss noise. Soundproofing, which is included, allows for a quieter environment, and can calm even the most agitated nerves. It’s like having a noise-cancelling function for your entire life.

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