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Commercial carpet cleaners use heavy-duty machines to clean carpets our website. This is something that vacuum cleaners of ordinary strength cannot do. Even though ordinary vacuum cleaners will clean most carpets, the amount of cleaning that can be done with heavy-duty machines is significant. You should consider using commercial carpet cleaners instead of ordinary vacuums for carpets that have been used for a considerable time. Vacuum cleaning is not sufficient to remove all allergens or contaminants that you cannot see. This will make carpets look dirty, ragged and coarse.

There are several types of commercial carpet cleansers depending on their use. Commercial carpet cleaners that are lighter in weight have 60-psi tanks for storing cleaning solutions and water recovery. Water column lift is typically 80-100 inches. Airflow is usually 90-100CFM. Jet wand heads are 10 inches wide. The larger commercial types have better performance and are more suitable for areas with more dirt and requiring more heavy duty jobs. It can carry a larger capacity of water, and longer nozzles.

Its pressure level can go up to 100 psi. The water columns height is 150-200 inch. It features a 17-gallon solution tank. The extraction airflow can reach up to 200CFM. It also has dual head wands of 12 inches. Commercial carpet cleaning is perfect for homes and busy areas including offices, hospitals, schools, etc. The carpets in these areas need to be cleaned thoroughly. The best carpet cleaner for industrial use is one with higher column lifts, more pressure, and a longer cleaning area. Prior to purchasing a commercial carpet clean, you must know that using hot water over wool carpet will cause it to shrink. Be aware that blood stains or other liquids colored with dye will adhere to the carpet. You should use commercial carpet cleansers when you require a cleaner and more tidier effect. This will help you feel more at ease when using them.

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