Golden State Life’s Heartbeat is the Pool, not just a place to splash around

Maybe you’ve dreamed of the Golden State. Or maybe a backyard pool. The blue pools do not just look like holes in earth with water. The pools are not simply holes in the earth filled with water. They also reflect the owner’s sunnier disposition and attitude. More about the author?

See what makes these places more than just a place to chill out on a hot summer’s day.

Hollywood stars would once show off their swimming pools. The pool said: “Look, I’m here!” “I’ve made it!” I was saying “Look me!” I made it! Although the allure of owning and enjoying a swimming pool remains, our reasons for doing so have changed.

Californian pools focus more on relaxation than on showing off. This is your personal oasis where friends can have fun or relax. Californian modern pools merge form and function into spaces that are beautiful but also intelligent.

No longer are rectangular pools the same size filled up with heavy chlorine. There’s a good chance that someone is able to build any structure you can imagine. How about an infinity-edge? Check. Swim-up bar? Why not? Eco-friendly features? It’s an absolute must, as we live in a State that is prone for drought.

In terms of innovation in the green field, we are proud how far pool industry has advanced. What about saltwater system that doesn’t make you feel like a pickled cucumber? Check. What are some of the best filters that can save water and energy? Double-check. Remember to install solar heaters. California’s sunshine is a great resource.

California pools can bring people together in a way that is unique. Swimming pools are a great place to meet people in our modern society, where screen time has taken precedence over face time. Children can learn how to swim here while their parents watch from a chair nearby. Teenagers gather for spontaneous pool party. Adults have a relaxing time after a hard day of work.

Then there is the question of aesthetics. Californians know how to design a pool. The sky is the limit. You are only limited by your imagination. There’s no limit.

Incorporating technology has also been a game-changer–automated cleaning robots mean more time lounging and less time skimming leaves; energy-efficient pumps keep bills low; and yes, there’s an app for controlling pretty much every aspect of your pool from anywhere.

California Pools offer a great place to make lasting memories. It’s an opportunity to share with others the joys of living. Watching your children do their hundredth dive in the ocean or just float without a care.

Time to share some epic tales. You should try to stay awake and not fall asleep with your textbooks. It might be better to ask the other person why they are feeling this way than to assume we are right. Listening helps us understand, even if it makes us uncomfortable.

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