Gordon’s best place for clean, funny jokes is the Carpet Comedy Club

Welcome to carpet cleaning gordon’s most elite cleaning club. Here, a team of cleaners redefines carpet cleaning with humor, in the mazes of carpets, stains and other messes. Think again if you think carpet cleaning is all tedious and boring work. As soon as you step into this hilarious world of carpet cleaning, contagious laughs and clever jokes will greet you, read this! The club’s emcee announces: “Ladies, gentlemen! Prepare yourselves for the most hilarious stain-removal session in your life!” Audience applauds. The audience applauds.

The comedians approach every carpet with confidence, armed with their cleaning products and jokes for any spills that may occur. They tease Mr. Grape Juice that you looked like you moonwalked on the carpet. We’ll show you how you can ‘clean-dance’ out of this mess, they say. The stories are endless, from tales of the strange sock-monster that lives under the couch to a mysterious hairball. We can assure you that the stain removal abilities of these ladies are only exceeded by their story-telling skills.

The Carpet Comedy Club is not only known for its humor, but also because of their genuine enthusiasm about carpet care. The Carpet Comedy Club are carpet experts who know a great deal about fibers, stains and cleaning techniques. They can even entice the dirtiest carpet to reveal its secrets. As they move around furniture with finesse, the carpet cleaners create a beautiful choreographed performance. If carpet cleaning was an Olympic sport, they would certainly win gold. Do yourself a favour and visit carpet cleaning Gordon the next time that you require carpet cleaning.

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