How to embrace the chaos: A rollercoaster ride of new parenthood

Oh, baby! Now that you have a Baby in your home, it’s time to get used to the new addition. It’s going be a rollercoaster ride, Buttercup. This is not about coffee dependency, but rather the inability to sleep. The journey here is more like a roller coaster than a merry-go round.

Let’s first talk about the early days. Do you remember those early days when the time seemed to be a soupy mess and it was hard to tell if Saturday or Tuesday? You know those days. The main tasks are to feed, change diapers and try to understand why your child is crying at 2AM. Spoiler alert! Sometimes, there isn’t a reason. Like wildcards, babies are unpredictable.

After that, comes the smiling phase. The smiles are not gas-induced, they are genuine because the person is happy to be seeing you. Doesn’t that hit you in the heart? The sleepless nights suddenly seem worthwhile (well… almost).

Soon, you’ll see them on the go – crawling and rolling around like they have places to go (watch out, Lego blocks!) before finally taking their wobbly first steps in your arms. It’s like winning levels in a heartwarming game.

It’s a saga to feed your children. They love peas one day, and then hate them the next. Do not even begin to think about introducing solids. Your kitchen may look like the set of a film about food.

We’ll talk now about their babbling. Their first attempts to communicate sounding like they are in negotiations with aliens. Then, when they finally do say “dapa,” or “mama,” my eyes start to leak.

You can learn a lot about yourself by being a parent. Patience? Check. Can you function with minimal sleep? Double-check. You can only sing so many nursery songs before you lose your mind. Triple check.

There are also those moments of quiet that creep up on you. Watching them go to sleep after a tantrum, or having their hand hold yours so tightly with pure trust and love makes the rest fade.

You will face some difficult times – figuring out what food allergies are or dealing with meltdowns in public that may make you long for an invisible cloak. There’s also the advice that everyone gives you who believes they know best (thanks for nothing).

Here’s what I found out: watching this tiny person experience everything for the first-time makes the ordinary magical.

Okay, so having a newborn turns the world on its head in ways that you would never imagine possible. But really? I find it amazing to see things in a new, upside-down light. With wonder and an open heart ready for what comes next.

Let’s toast to the wild ride of parenthood. It’s a wild ride called parenting! Every great adventure begins by stepping out your comfort zones – in this case clicking them.

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