It could be that you are friends or perhaps you are in a relationship – four simple methods

 What are the indicators that you’re not dating or friends – read here? Is there a way for you to determine what he’s feeling without bugging him or his friends for answers? What can you discover from his body language? Did he truly mean the words you think he used, or something else entirely, when he said what you heard him say? Are you able to truly understand the way he feels, without having to ask him directly?

Let’s take a look at how, in only a couple of steps that are relatively easy, an intimate friendship can develop and develop into the next stage of actual romance, and you can know what exactly he wants! Curious? Then keep reading…

The first thing to do is not be afraid to simply come straight up and let him know how you feel.

Don’t be shy, be yourself and open up. Take a chance. If he isn’t aware of your interest and he’s hesitant to reveal his true thoughts. It’s likely that he’ll be thrilled that you’re able to see him as attractive in this manner. It’s better to find out the moment if he’s not going to be interested than to sit and wait. Do you agree?

Second: Don’t get too many things too soon!

Don’t be concerned about getting a straight answer. If you receive an unexpected response do not jump to conclusions about what it means (or doesn’t mean)! Honestly, some of my most amazing relationships started with us being “just friends” and were supposed to stay that way until suddenly, they just “blossomed” into… romantic love! Furthermore, if your friendship is ever going to stand a chance of working out in a romantic relationship you have to develop an enduring friendship first.

Third, do not play games.

Be authentic. Be honest. Let your emotions be known. There is no universal approach to moving the relationship that was “just friends” to the next level. It might not happen. If you’re not authentic, honest, and honest with him (and yourself) and yourself, it could never occur. It doesn’t matter if the relationship is successful or not, a relationship based on lies is likely to fail.

If it blossoms into romance, you’ll establish a solid foundation for the relationship and stand greater chances of success in the long run.

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