Modular Components

The producers of precast can create modular precast that includes the floor find this, roof and side and back walls. If necessary, they can also produce two front walls. In addition to being quick to construct, precast modules can also be finished and outfitted at the manufacturing plant.

These units have been used as prison cells for many years and are now being extended to classrooms.

Construction of jails, prisons, and justice facilities are primarily carried out using modules. Constructions can be single-level or multiple-level up to the height of twelve stories.

The modules come in monolithic blocks of 4 or more cells. The standard configuration includes an inmate area and a vertical “chase”, which is a horizontal space between the two rooms. This allows for mechanical, electrical and plumbing facilities.

Although steel formwork may be proprietary, it has mechanisms to adjust the shape and functionality of the module.

The exposed surfaces of walls are coated with epoxy paint. In addition, the MEP equipment is installed as much as possible in the facility. Final fitting is carried out on-site. Exterior walls with sandwich wall panels are similar. They can have any type of architectural treatment.

Steel Cell for Steel Detention Cells

Steel Cell of North America, Inc., in just a few years, has managed to revolutionize the construction of detention facilities and steel cell buildings. Steel Cell in Georgia manufactures modular prefabricated cell jails using durable and corrosion-resistant galvannealed steel. Steel Cell manufactures and designs a range products that are both lightweight and easily shippable, and are designed in accordance with the needs and requirements of security and local codes.

Steel Cell is a manufacturer of a large range products that are easy to install in existing or newly constructed structures.

Steel Cell’s modularization has now expanded to include detention facilities. Steel Cell cell designs can be ordered with mechanical chases on the front or back and an integrated shower.

The cell is available with 4, 8 and more beds. Anti-contraband furniture can be included. Steel cell manufactures an isolation unit for medical patients as well as a modular shared shower.

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