Moldavite: The origin of the beautiful jewelery

Moldavite should have been formed as a result of an impact by a meteorite millions of centuries ago, in the Moldau River valley of Czech Republic, more info?

Meteorites impacting the Earth produce an enormous shockwave, which can melt or fuse nearby rocks. A type of impact glass is produced by this procedure. It is basically a glass that has been formed from the heat and pressure created by the collision. Moldavite is a natural glass formed from a meteorite that crashed into the Moldau River Valley.

It is thought that moldavite dates back between 14 to 15 million year. Estimates suggest that the impact of the meteorite on moldavite left a large crater, more than twenty miles across. A large amount of debris was also launched into the atmosphere by this impact, eventually falling to Earth in the form of tektites. The tektites that are formed when a meteorite impacts the Earth surface occur as small pieces of glass. These tektites, which are black or brown colored, are commonly found near impact craters. Moldavite tektite is green and unique among other tektites.

Moldavite, with its special properties, is frequently used to meditate and pursue spirituality. Moldavite is considered to be a stone with incredibly powerful energies that can help spiritual growth. This stone has been claimed to aid in physical as well as emotional recovery.

Moldavite has incredible magical properties, but it can also be quite expensive. If you want to be sure that the stone is genuine, always buy it from a reliable source. Due to the abundance of counterfeit moldavite on the market, do some research and make sure you only buy from trusted suppliers. This is because the glass was created by impacting a meteorite. Moldavite has the ability to amaze, regardless of whether it is used for mental or spiritual health enhancement, or simply to create a piece of unique jewelry.

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