Reach out to for a Dui lawyer to get your life back And Your License Back

Police officers and other members of law enforcement are not 100% perfect. They are human, and make errors. The best thing you can do is have your DUI lawyer correct any errors that the police made in the case of driving under the influence. Although not every conviction or arrest is able to be reversed often, drivers get wrongly accused and their licenses are revoked. These are some of the ways that errors are made. Could any of these be detrimental to your case had they were, click this link?

Mistake #1 – The breathalyzer which was utilized in the accident was calibrated incorrectly. This could come as a shock. Police aren’t to be blamed for this as the breathalyzer machine that can malfunction. The possibility of malfunctioning is real and is something to be taken into consideration.

Mistake #2 – The breathalyzer showed you were under the influence, however you’re experiencing problems from diabetes. Breathalyzers can provide the false positive result if you have diabetes.

A third error was that the police failed to follow the proper procedure during your arrest and interrogation. As a citizen, we are entitled to certain rights and in America you are innocent until proven guilty. A case can be thrown out If your rights have been breached.

Mistake #4 – The lab did not follow the correct procedure when testing the blood sample provided by you. It is possible that your DUI attorney may suggest that the blood sample is sent by an independent lab be tested.

It’s best to have a DUI lawyer who is diligent in your case. As your legal representative is your attorney, he will do the best he can and utilize all the tools at his disposal in order to ensure that the case is taken care of. It is essential to be honest and truthful to your attorney. Your attorney will treat every word you speak in the most strict of terms. It is not worth it not providing him with essential details concerning your case. It is not his job to make judgments about you, but to help you. So, being honest is essential.

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