Rhinoplasty – Benefits and Risks

Rhinoplasty or cosmetic surgery on the nose has both functional and cosmetic benefits. Understand the risks and rewards of a nose job before you decide to have it.

Rhinoplasty or “nose job”, as they are often called, is a cosmetic surgical procedure that changes the shape and look of the nose so it better fits the face learn more. Cosmetic surgery is a popular way to enhance the appearance of your face. Rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery option that carries benefits and risks. Patients should be aware of both.

Risques of a Nose job

Understanding the risks of this cosmetic procedure is important. When you undergo surgery, your body is exposed to risks of infection, anesthesia-related reactions and blood loss. Although you can’t eliminate all of these risks, selecting a surgeon that has hospital privileges and a good track record will put you at a lower risk.

Some patients experience long-lasting pain or numbness following a nose surgery. It is usually caused by nerve damage. Choosing a good surgeon can reduce this risk.

Extrusion can occur if implants are used in your procedure. Asymmetry, keloid or heavy scars can also be a problem. With this type of cosmetic surgery, you also run the risk of losing your ability to smell. If you choose the right doctor, these complications will be rare.

Benefits from a Nose job

Rhinoplasty has both aesthetic and functional benefits. Plastic surgery is primarily performed to improve cosmetic appearance. Face symmetry is an important factor when determining someone’s attractiveness. A nose that does not look symmetrical to your face can have a negative impact on how you appear. Cosmetic surgery can improve your appearance by creating lines of balance through symmetry.

Sometimes, it is the shape of the nostril that is unattractive. Cosmetic surgery can correct a nose with an uneven tip, or one that has too much or not enough arch on the bridge. It can be as easy as changing the appearance with injectables or as complicated as a complete rhinoplasty.

You can increase or decrease your nose’s size through cosmetic surgery. It is a dramatic change that can be made with minimal effort.

Rhinoplasty is also beneficial for patients who have breathing difficulties or birth deformities like a deviated septum. Simple procedures can improve nasal functionality and make breathing much easier.

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