Roof Repairs: Telltale Signs

What was the most recent time that you checked your roof for damages, get the facts? Take a quick glance every time that you enter or exit your house. There are often no obvious signs of damage, but your roof might be nearing destruction. You should be aware of these signs.

Dark patches and trails. Examine your chimney. Look at the areas near your vents as well on your ceiling. In fact, stains and trails can indicate water damage from heavy leaking caused by excessive rain or melting ice. These stains can also occur due to poor ventilation causing condensation. It is important to call a company if there are any spots that appear moist rather than dry. That’s a sure sign of damage.

You may notice broken or missing pieces in your roof. You might be missing some shakes, tiles or shingles if light is shining through your attic ceiling. Often, this happens when your roof is dislodged from the ground by severe weather like high winds or rain. When everything looks to be fine, look for cracks and signs of deterioration.

Roofing distortion. The roof can become distorted due to improper ventilation. You may notice warping or curling, as well as blistering. Roof repairs are easy to perform if you catch these early.

Pest activity. Concord’s population is only about 120,000, but roof damage from rats and other pests still occurs quite often. They can do damage to your roof by gnawing on wood shingles or leaving greenish marks. Contra Costa Mosquito and Vector Control is available to help with any pest issues.

Shingles granules. When shingles become old, they loosen, and granules like sand are created. The presence of excessive amounts can indicate the need for Concord roof repair and replacement.

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