Carpet cleaning – Do it yourself

You’ve decided to clean your professional carpet cleaner yourself. It can be an easy job to do if your carpet is in good condition. However, if your carpet gets used regularly as it does in Mesa you’ll want to make sure you are as thorough as possible.

You are mistaken if you think that using the powders or foams that can be found in almost every store, and that you spray, sprinkle, or apply to your carpets, will provide an adequate cleaning. These products will only achieve a superficial cleaning, which will leave a lot of potential issues lingering around.

You will need to find a shop in Mesa which rents and sells professional carpet cleaners and cleaning products.

Before you start the machine, move any furniture and vacuum all of the floor area.

When you use the cleaning machine, try not to over-wet the carpets. Over wetting your carpet is often not considered a problem, as it only adds to drying time. However, over-wetting can encourage mildew growth and mold. If you are unaware of the dangers, mold can even be fatal. So, do not over-wet your carpeting. If you over wet your carpet, it can turn brown. Also, if the furniture that touches the carpet is placed back too quickly on top of the carpeting before the cleaning has been done the wood or metal will leave rust and wood stains in the carpets.

You will need to use a certain amount as you’ll be mixing it. Too little detergent will not be effective and using too much could cause allergic reactions and asthma attacks in those who are susceptible. The warm climate of Mesa can make it difficult to wait for the soap to dry. If you use too much, it may cause the residues that trigger asthma attacks and allergic reactions.

You will want to allow ample time for the carpet to dry after the cleaning process is complete. This way, you can place furniture back onto the carpet once the carpet has dried.

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