The Benefits of Foundation Replacement Over Repair

The foundation walls should concern every homeowner if they crack, buckle, tip, or sink bonuses. The foundation walls are usually structural problems which need to be addressed immediately to avoid further damage and to make the home more attractive. Replacing the foundation is time-consuming, costly, and can disrupt the family’s life for many years. The same conditions can occur again if a contractor builds the foundation in the same way. If you choose to repair your foundation, you are addressing the root cause of the problem and reducing the likelihood of it happening again.

What Causes Foundation Damage?

Expansive soil is the most common cause of foundation walls that buckle. This soil, in particular clay, expands after it has been wet. This expanded earth exerts pressure against the foundation walls, causing cracks, buckling, tilting, etc. Structural repair of foundations on Long Island must apply counter pressure to the foundation walls. Anchoring the wall to the soil near your house with specially designed, tested products is one way to achieve this. This system can strengthen the wall, and over time straighten a buckling wall.

Installation is easy

A foundation contractor who uses anchoring materials can help strengthen your foundation quickly. This is usually done in a matter of a few days by many contractors. A foundation replacement is more expensive than foundation repair. It is unlikely that your landscape will be damaged and you won’t experience any disruption in your daily routine.

When building a home, the foundation plays a major role. Your Long Island home’s new foundation must meet the requirements of both the soil and the structure. The foundation will crack, buckle, tip, or sink without these considerations. This can cause structural damage to the home. A contractor with experience in building a solid foundation will ensure the strength of the foundation. If you’re extending or expanding your Long Island home, an experienced contractor can ensure that its extended foundation will last decades and withstand the elements of Mother Nature.

A foundation waterproofing system has many advantages

Sometimes foundation walls will develop tiny cracks. They are not dangerous to the building but they allow in moisture. These cracks can allow excess moisture from the soil to seep into the basement, as well as through joints in the floor and wall, the floor itself, and the concrete. The foundation should be waterproof, as a wet basement or crawlspace will promote the growth and spread of mold. Mold thrives on organic materials and can spread rapidly to the entire basement. This can reduce the value of the home, cause it to smell musty, and make the basement unusable. People who are allergic mold may also become sick. Waterproofing your Long Island basement will help you avoid all of these problems, and allow you to finish it for more floor space.

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