The best companies in carpet cleaning use these techniques

Many options exist when selecting carpet cleaning services to clean your home or workplace important link. There are many carpet cleaning companies.

What types of carpet cleaners are available?

Hotwater extraction cleaning

It’s also known as hot-water extractor carpet cleaning. This method uses high-pressured hot water to stir and remove dirt from the carpet.

In general hot water extraction cleaning is done by applying the cleaning agent to the carpet first, and then using either a brush of an agitator. Carpet cleaning machines wash the carpets to remove the residue.

It takes approximately 2 hours to carpet a typical office space of about 3000 sq. Normal carpeted offices of approximately 3000 sq. Many businesses recommend carpet-cleaning in the late afternoon. This allows for the carpets to air dry, and normal office operations can be resumed the next morning.

Carpet Cleansing

Up until the 1970s it was common for carpets to be cleaned with shampoo. The shampooing method can clean a heavily-soiled rug but is not as effective as other techniques.


Foam encapsulation utilizes synthetic detergents and crystallizes powder when they are dry. Following the application of foam cleaning, loosely-deposited dirt particles in carpet fibers will crystallize into powder.

It is quicker to dry the carpet using the foam-encapsulation technique than by shampooing. Foam encapsulation has been praised by ecologists because there is less chemical residue.

It is possible to clean carpets with this method, but due to limitations in technology it can’t remove heavy soiling.

Bonnet Cleaning

This method is good for surface cleaning because it involves using a heavy motorized machine to clean top of the fibers. A spinning pad is immersed into the cleaning solution, in order to remove dirt.

This method is often used by hotels for cleaning areas that are subject to heavy traffic and need to have carpets cleaned quickly.

As bonneting cleans only the surface, carpets tend to become dirty very quickly. As a result of the pressure applied by spinning pads and heavy machines to carpets during bonneting, a chemical-laden residue is left behind.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry carpeting and compound cleaning have become popular and widely used. This is because this method is easy and effective, since it does not require drying. Since 1980, there have been a number of new types cleaners available on the market. Since this technology is new, it’s hard to compare its cleaning power with that of the conventional carpet-cleaning techniques.

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