The Future of Blood Types is in the Trading

You can see how traders trade despite their different lifestyles, personalities and risk appetites.

This is not a literal reference to blood type, however the metaphorical interpretation makes it clear. Following some practice, you can easily determine which type of trading is most suitable for each trader based upon their personality. If you know the type of trader, their experience and risk profile, then it is easy to recommend the right diet, find out more.

What is your blood Type? And what diet should you follow to find out?

The same is true for healthy eating. No one diet works well for everybody. This is also true of trading. Not every trader will have the same strategy. Do not forget to evaluate yourself by first determining your personality. You may have a hesitant personality or act in an impulsive manner. Have you got a bad temper, or do you show patience? Someone who is familiar with you can help to identify your weaknesses and strengths. If you’re a person with a thick skin, it will be to your advantage.

To gain a better understanding of yourself, keep a personal journal. This helps you to understand your personality and the impact of certain traits on trading. To trade successfully, you need to know your trading personality. While patience with your children is important, it’s not so good when you are dealing with losing trades. In a trading journal, traders can examine their winning trades and loser ones to see what contributed to the success or failure. Remember to include the outside characteristics like risk capital or schedule. You are not fooling yourself. Be realistic about your time to trade, and the risk capital that you are willing to take. Take a look at how much time you spend trading and your risk capital. Check out the type of trading that you do, along with your market and time frame. Do this trading market, your style of trade and the timeframe you use suit your personal risk capital or schedule? Fits your personality, risk-capital and schedule?

Examples below demonstrate how it is absolutely essential to self-assess in order to determine what type of trading diet you should choose. The first thing we’ll do is look at trading blood type.

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