The Truth Behind Online Education Success: How to Pay for It”uthentic learning

Let’s take a look at a subject hotter than the jalapeno pepper on a sunny summer day: hiring someone to teach you online. Doesn’t that sound crazy? This is the real deal in this digital age of education. Read more.

Why? Imagine trying to juggle 5 balls, including one for your schoolwork, one for your work, one for family life, and one for social activities. Oh, don’t even forget the ball for yourself. It is enough to make anyone wish that they had extra hands. It’s a great idea to hire someone else to look after the education.

We should first consider the reasons why someone may feel that they are being pushed to such a point. Imagine working two jobs, just to keep lights on and food in your belly. Your online courses are supposed to be a ticket out of Strugglesville. It’s as if you’re in quicksand instead of progressing because there aren’t enough days in the week.

It’s not just the online learning. We’ll be honest, it can sometimes feel like you are trying to cuddle up with a cold machine. Some people flourish in this environment. But what about the others? They miss human contact like a dry-land fish misses the water.

Let’s not even mention the current academic competition, which is a pressure cooker. When it comes to job searching or further study, you feel like you could be invisible if not every test is a success.

Etiquette enters the picture. It doesn’t matter how you cut it, cheating still counts as cheating. Although we understand why people might be driven to take such actions, it does not make them right. If you are out of milk and you want to eat your cereal, you could do that. But should you?

What does this tell us about our education system, though? If people feel like they need to cheat to maintain their grades or keep up in life, we may want to take a step back and rethink the way we do things. Education should fit your life like a perfect pair or jeans. They’re comfortable, yet flattering. You shouldn’t feel as if you have to squeeze into something too small.

What’s your solution? How about making education more engaging and flexible. Imagine a system where courses adapt to your schedule and not the other way around. Or professors with more accessibility for those moments you are staring blankly at your computer, wondering if it would not be better to try to understand quantum theory at 2 AM.

Let’s also reduce the stigma surrounding asking for assistance – I mean, real help. Don’t pay Joe from around the world to sit your exams. There is honor in asking for help and admitting that things are difficult.

After all, what really matters is learning. You want to acquire skills and know-how that will last longer than gum on the hot sidewalk. It’s true that shortcuts can get you to the destination faster, but will not make the journey richer or more rewarding.

The next time you consider handing over login details and cash for an A+ remember that education is not just about grades. It’s about becoming the best version of you – even if it takes a long time. “Do Not Disturb” is more annoying than you can imagine.

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