What makes water descalers so effective?

Water is essential for many home electronic appliances, but it can also be problematic. Due to minerals present in hardwater, limescale can build up and cause appliances to malfunction. The best descalers don’t use toxic chemicals nor require frequent scrubs, continue reading?

Their science may seem complex, but the descaling agent’s effect is actually quite simple. The agents stop limescale formation by altering the mineral content of hardwater. What causes this?

A tiny electronic component, an electromagnetic coil is used in most water descalers. As the loop is activated, it affects the water magnetically and transmits the field through the water. The water is subjected to a magnetic field in order to reduce the amount of limescale that forms.

It is important to note that the charge positive of calcium and magnesium minerals plays an essential role. It is the positive ions that cause limescale to build up. As the magnetic field from the coil of the descaler moves through the water it stops the positive ions forming. Due to this, the ions are not able to form limescale through bonding.

But how do you know if it is working? Answer can be found by looking at the ocean. Over time, the amount of limescale that builds up in your appliances should decrease. This altered mineral content may cause the texture of the water to change, so that it feels softer and more smooth.

It is important to note that descalers for water do not need maintenance. If you compare it to active water softeners such as salt and backwashing, descalers require no maintenance. It’s plug and play.

While water descalers improve the quality of water, they don’t solve all water problems. If you are experiencing problems like rust stains or unpleasant smells due to hard water, then it is worth looking elsewhere. Descalers are an easy and cost-effective way for homeowners to increase the quality of their water, and thus extend their appliance’s life.

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