Why Your Romance is Fading And The Reasons It Doesn’t Need to

Each time I start writing about relationships I’m reminded that, just like animals, we are controlled by some pretty primitive biological programming. The purpose of this programming is to ensure the continued existence of the species, which is most often in the realm of procreation. More hints?

When viewed from a higher standpoint and our interactions with the opposite sexe can be described as uplifting, romantic and educational. thrilling and enjoyable. These higher functions are what we enjoy because we are higher forms of living. In fact, we could be the most affluent species on earth, though I’ve had encounters with whales and dolphins who do not agree with that statement. It is at the heart of it is that it’s important to understand that we are governed by our instincts.

We don’t consider ourselves as animals and for the reason that we view our romantic connections and relationships as the most important factor in our lives we are hurt when we witness our romantic fervor decline with time when the various events in life acquire their own importance as obvious rivals to romantic love.

Remember your first crush in high school. You transformed from a young, logical person to someone with stars in their eyes within a few minutes. The only thing you could focus on was your new love and it was hard to eat, difficult to sleep, and it was difficult to establish a regular relationships with your family and friends. It was not your last love affair, and once it ended, you felt the sensation of being broken-hearted. It may have seemed that the world had ended and your life was done. It is true that time heals all wounds. eventually, after a few years you rehabilitated and began to feel “normal” again. In reality you were able to imagine a new friendship with a different person. You had promised yourself that this time you would “do it correctly” and take more care so you wouldn’t have to endure the pain of a broken heart for the rest of your life.

You dated for a while and maybe you were sexually sexy in the past as you waited to meet the perfect person and the person you’ve always wanted to be with. You had some fun and had some struggles in this time. Then, at the time you had the least idea you found your love of life, fell in love and was married.

At first, it was just as magical, having been celebrated by all the romantics and poets in the past. It wasn’t just that sex was frequent but equally enjoyable. You couldn’t keep your hands or eyes off of each other. The years went by. As children grew older, work assignments were changed, responsibilities increased and gradually, your relationship changed into something quite different. The magic had faded away and was replaced by stability, friendship and responsibility. The days of revealing exciting new things about one another were gone. Sexual relations were no longer as thrilling or frequent. It had become something that was commonplace. Once in a while it might be a thought that you may have got married to the wrong one. The blossom was removed from the rose, and you weren’t able to figure out why.

Let us return to the subject of biological programming. As far as Mother Nature was concerned, your love story had achieved what it was meant to achieve: birth children and create a safe setting for them to develop into adults and after that, repeat the romantic cycle you had just completed. As long as the children were protected and cared with the proper care, Mother Nature did not seem to be concerned about what transpired to your romantic relationship. The majority of marriages end with divorce, and therefore now seemed to 50 percent of people as the appropriate time to start this phase.

If it seems like all this could be depressing, it is. There’s good news, and it’s not all lost. If this is a good time for divorce for some individuals, it’s also the ideal time for others to revive the spark that drew couples together in the beginning. That, my dear that’s what this article is really all about. It is true that your task, as an aware and advanced member of the human race is to take charge of your life and create it the way you’ve always wanted it be. It’s not enough to be nice to Mother Nature.

How do you revive that spark of love with someone you know and the pair of very old shoes that you’ve worn for a lot of miles? You now have the richness of history, of family and of experiences that you’ve been able to share and accumulate through the years. If the relationship remains sturdy, it is possible to restart things. It won’t be exactly the same, but it can nevertheless be better.

You can invite out the person who was in your new partner when you first have met them if in a position to do so. The person might also wish to let loose and isn’t certain how. It could be that they require permission, an invitation or a sign of support. Your wisdom will lead you to happiness when you listen to it. All you need is willingness and just maybe an extra bit of bravery.

When you are entering this phase Remember something you should have known when you first started dating: Men and women do not operate the same way. If you are female, you need to appeal to your mate’s ability to think since that’s how he processes his environment generally. You need to understand that if you’re a man, your goal of rekindling your love for each other will not be achieved until you find the way to awaken your partner’s emotions. This is because, being a woman, that’s her way of being wired. Also, don’t spend time explaining to her why it would be a good idea if you restored the spark, but instead, just revive the flame. Don’t just tell her you are in love with her. Let her know, through your actions, every single time that you truly love her. If you have any traces about that girl you once knew then she will be responsive.

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